Our Farm

Drip Culture Farm is a 40-foot refrigerated container that has been converted into a hydroponic farm. Unlike traditional farms, our plants grow vertically indoors without soil, obtaining nutrients from water and LED lights.


We grow leafy greens 365 days a year without fear of frosts, droughts or storms. Our farm is a consistent supplier, providing high-quality, local produce regardless of the season.

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Local Greens

Shopping our local farm allows you to avoid produce that has shuffled through countless hands and days of travel. At Drip Culture Farm, we eliminate transportation logistics allowing delivery within hours.

Urban Setting

Our Chapel Hill location is centrally located in North Carolina, which allows us to eliminate the need for coordination with large carbon emitting equipment. Our container farm is a simple way to transform land into an efficient space.

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We prioritize minimizing our carbon footprint by recycling water and only using the exact amount needed for each plant to grow. The greens grown inside the farm container are clean and pesticide free.

Sustainable hydroponic farming methods promise to increase crop and food growth in a way that improves existing ecosystems while providing adequate nutrition for Chapel Hill and surrounding communities.

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Our Name

We have named our farm Drip Culture, which is a hydroponic method of growing plants by allowing nutrient solutions to drip slowly onto a stationary channel. This technique is extremely water-efficient allowing us to use less than five gallons of water a day.

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